Tenniel Chu: Asia’s Most Powerful Man In Golf Signs On For APGS


footgolf-thumbnailWith three months to go for the staging of the 2015 Asia Pacific Golf Summit, Tenniel Chu, vice chairman of the Mission Hills Group has confirmed that he will be speaking at the event.

Tenniel Chu, the owner and operator of the world’s largest golf complex and ranked as the most powerful man in golf in Asia together with Dr. Ken Chu, chairman of the group, will be speaking about the hybrid sport of “FootGolf” which seems to be growing at a fast pace and is gaining a foothold in the world’s most populous nation, China.

Mission Hills is backing FootGolf as a game of the future. According to Chu, a very keen golfer himself, FootGolf provides “an ultimate all-in-one playground for everyone”.

Mission Hills has started a major FootGolf league in China where players accumulate points over five rounds. The champion team will earn a berth to compete in the FootGolf World Cup 2016, to be held in Argentina.

“FootGolf has proved to be hugely popular with footballers. China has 26 million footballers and 200 million football spectators and fans, the most of any country in the world. It catches such a large demographic, so it is just a question of waiting for the right time to get involved with it,” said Chu.

“I knew it would take off with adults, but we started looking at how the sport could continue to grow and grow. And if you get the youngsters involved you’re going to still be going in 10, 20, 30 years’ time, and you’ll be continuing to build, develop and progress.”
Chu says his club is a world leader and it is “appropriate we should be leading the way in FootGolf”. The Mission Hills FootGolf league has started and the support is said to be overwhelming.

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