Bill Sanderson: In Celebration Of Professional Managers!



The 2015 Asia Pacific Golf Summit (APGS) is a major international business and knowledge conference. For this year, the conference is designed to celebrate the professional club manager.

A good club manager is a professional who simply acts, thinks and behaves like an elite athlete. That is why they can be relied on to consistently deliver the performance that makes them stand out from the rest.

While professional managers are good at their job there will always be a need for a coach; a source of ideas, someone to give honest appraisal and reflection on standards of performance, new knowledge or a reminder of forgotten knowledge. They will have an insatiable desire to know who is doing what and how and how they can learn from success and failures within their peer group wherever they are working or competing.

As a professional club manager, can you imagine Jordan Speith or Rory McIlroy being too busy or not interested in an opportunity to meet up with Butch Harman or Jack Nicklaus to talk golf?   Why? Because it is the mind-set of a professional not just to take any opportunity that comes their way, but to plan and actively seek such opportunities on a regular basis. To make the time to make it happen.

And it is exactly the same with the approach of the Professional Manager.

One of the world’s finest business coaches for the club industry, Bill Sanderson has been engaged to address APGS 2015 on why professional managers are important for the club industry and the difference they can make for a club.

“Access to some of the finest minds in the business of golf will be on hand to help. – we will be there to help develop your career, your business the growth of both you and your club,” declared Sanderson.

Come and join hundreds of like-minded members of the top tier in Professional Golf Management in the Asia Pacific Region so that you can take away new and revolutionary ideas and knowledge to adapt into your career and your Club.

You need only invest less than 1% of your working days this year for this fantastic opportunity. And the re-run on that investment will continue to repay through your life in golf management. Or should that be Professional Management.

The APGG Summit 2015 – For Professional Managers!

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