Asian Golf Awards Starts A New Decade

Posted By: Asia Pacific Golf Group at 2 October 2019 | Written By: Mike Sebastian

One of the longest running awards and recognition events for the Asia Pacific Golf industry will be heading to China in 2020.

The Asian Golf Awards, currently in its twentieth year, will mark the start of a new decade by establishing a permanent hosting venue on the Chinese tropical island of Hainan.

“We are really delighted to welcome the prestigious Asian Golf Awards to Hainan and we are just as excited that the permanent venue for the Asian Golf Awards from 2020 onwards will be at the Mission Hills Golf Resort in Haikou,” said Mr. Tenniel Chu, Group Vice Chairman of the Mission Hills Group in China.

In announcing the move to Hainan, Mr. Chu explained that the hosting of the Asian Golf Awards in Hainan is a strategic move that is being carried out in concert with the long-established Asia Pacific Golf Summit which will also be using Haikou as its permanent operational base from 2020.

The Asian Golf Awards has been the flagship event of the Asia Pacific Golf Group (APGG), the owner of the event. In the last two decades, it has grown exponentially and has created a global reputation as one of the best events of its kind in the golf industry.

“The move to its permanent home is perhaps the best development for the Asian Golf Awards,” said Mr. Mike Sebastian, CEO of APGG. “Since its inception, the event has been staged throughout Southeast Asia and China, and this year, it will be staged in India,” Mr. Sebastian explained.

“For an event of its size and stature, it makes good sense to home-base the event in Haikou and we could not ask for a better permanent home than the giant Mission Hills Resort, a truly world class facility,” he said.

The Asian Golf Awards ranks as one of the most comprehensive of its kind in the world with a total of 46 individual award categories. It is conducted annually through an on-line poll over a three-month period. The final decisions are based on the number of valid votes cast. “For 2019, the latest in the series, more than 287,000 valid votes were cast through the on-line poll and the number of votes has been growing every year,” Mr. Sebastian pointed out.

“The Asian Golf Awards commands the respect of the golf industry in the Asia Pacific and we see it growing in the years to come as it settles down in its permanent home in Haikou,” said Mr. Chu.

The next voting cycle will be for the 2020 Asian Golf Awards which will start on April 1, 2020.

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