APGS 2019 – A 5G Mindset – Training And Skills Upgrading

Posted By: Asia Pacific Golf Group at 20 August 2019 | Written By: Mike Sebastian

Competition is nothing new, but it does hit some businesses harder than others. No matter what type of competition an organisation faces, employee training and skills upgrading programmes can make the difference.

The general premise is that employees are an organisation’s most valuable asset, and they’re also the key to gaining a competitive advantage.

Businesses depend on its employees to implement procedures that support a business model. This requires knowledge, and knowledge comes from employee training. A competitor may be able to replicate your product offering, but they can’t replicate your human resources. Your people – and what they can do – is what sets you apart.

The golf club industry is no different. Its employees need to be trained and skills upgraded. Training is what makes the difference.

The spotlight at the 2019 Asia Pacific Golf Summit (APGS 2019) will place special focus on training and to deliver this vital message, the services of one of the most respected personalities in the industry has been sought. And that expert is Stephen Bernhard, executive chairman of the Bernhard Company.

Bernhard has launched the Bernhard Academy which aims to become a hub of knowledge for the turf industry and a centre promoting the learning and development across the globe. The Academy aims to train customers, technicians and distributors’ sales teams to promote turf health, cutting precision and superior playability – all critical areas for the success of a golf club.

From a purely educational point of view, we want our academy to be a centre of excellence which allows several specialist individuals to present their experience, views and knowledge to an audience. It might be agronomy, chemicals or fertilisers or other industry subjects, but the important part is that they can be shared by experts using this academy,” said Bernhard.

“Our mission is to see people in the industry developing their careers, so people that have been through here will be more knowledgeable and more valuable and more appreciated by their clubs and by their colleagues,” Bernhard explained.

“The plan is to grow this facility, and I hope we’ll have hundreds of people come through here annually and I hope that these people will come from all over the world,” he added.

Bernhard is very passionate about this project and through APGS 2019, he wants to reach out to the Asia Pacific club industry to be a part of this great industry innovation. Come and listen to this world class expert and let him show you how you can upgrade the skill levels of your manpower.

The Summit will be staged on November 4 – 6 in the futuristic Indian city of Gurugram and the venue will be the multi-award winning DLF Golf and Country Club.

Delegate registration to the 2019 Asia Pacific Golf Summit is now open at: https://secure.golfconference.org/event/asia-pacific-golf-summit-2019

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APGS 2019 – The 13th edition. One Of The Industry’s Best!

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