APGS 2019 – A 5G Mindset – Meet The Liberator!

Posted By: Asia Pacific Golf Group at 14 July 2019 | Written By: Mike Sebastian

So, you run a golf club and your primary focus is to keep your business humming and your members contented. Not too much to ask, right?

As part of maintaining a solid P&L spreadsheet, wouldn’t you like to keep your eyes glued to front office affairs and allow the back office to do its job? The back office is far from being as glamourous as what goes on in the front office but nevertheless, it is vitally important to the overall success of a club. It’s all about software and computers and difficult to understand experts who tend to be geeky and nerdy.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a club management software that took the mystique right out of computing and made it as much fun as your front office? Well, a bunch of guys who call themselves “Cloud Weavers” have spent months developing an awesome club management software created exclusively for club management. And these bright guys call it EZY PZY!

It’s liberating stuff – it’s hassle-free and so very user-friendly that you’d want to hug it and smack a sloppy kiss on it. That’s how user-friendly it is! It’s in keeping with 5G technology and the paradigm changes that will start rolling out soon.

It places you in control of all your operations and integrates every aspect into a seamless package. Put simply, it gets all your operations to talk to each other. It’s a total results-oriented package that keeps on producing the goods minus the headaches.

It places control in your hands and not in the hands of your IT department or vendor. It is driven by easy to understand graphic navigation icons that most can handle with ease. It’s an empowerment tool like none other!

EZY PZY also places customization in your hands. Make changes without having to call the IT supplier and incur additional costs. It’s a dream come true for clubs. Most importantly, its very versatile and won’t break the bank. Pricing is affordable and maintenance won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Finally, your club can be liberated from the shackles of IT bondage!

This revolutionary purpose-built club management software will be unveiled at the 2019 Asia Pacific Golf Summit in India by V. Vijaykumar, managing director of Cloud Weavers Pte Ltd. He will be amongst one of some twenty world-class speakers who have been booked to speak at APGS 2019.

The Summit will be staged on November 4 – 6 in the futuristic Indian city of Gurugram and the venue will be the multi-award winning DLF Golf and Country Club.

Delegate registration to the 2019 Asia Pacific Golf Summit is now open at : https://secure.golfconference.org/event/asia-pacific-golf-summit-2019

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APGS 2019 – The 13th edition. One Of The Industry’s Best!

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