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Taking Local Global!

Posted By: Asia Pacific Golf Group at 16 August 2018 | Written By: Mike Sebastian


How often have you heard it said that a golf club was not good enough to go international? Most probably quite often. But it’s nice to know that there are some amongst us who are prepared to buck conventional thinking and bust forth and show the world what they’ve got. Not only does this display an attitude of confidence but it is a great way to showcase to the world that it is world class in every sense of the term!

The 2018 Asia Pacific Golf Summit has stepped up to the plate and it will shout out loud the praises of some of Asia’s golf courses that are bold enough to match themselves against a global benchmark of excellence!

The one club that is a shining example of all-round excellence from a global perspective is Sentosa Golf Club nestled on the resort island bearing the same name, just minutes way from Singapore. Without a doubt, Sentosa is the best golf club in Singapore and the proud custodian of the Asia Pacific Order Of ZENITH, the highest award bestowed on golf clubs in the region.

Its huge collection of awards fills up rows of handsome cabinets in the clubhouse and while this stand as tangible proof of its unending quest for excellence, the club maintains an incessant drive to stay ahead and shoot for the stars!

It is perhaps the only golf club in the Asia Pacific region that is host to a number of major international tournaments amongst which are:

  • The Asia Pacific Amateur Championship;
  • The long-standing Singapore Open;
  • Woman’s Asia Pacific Amateur Championship; 
  • The Open Championship qualifier venue; 
  • The LPGA Women’s Champions;

What Sentosa has done to “internationalise” the club serves as an excellent template for others in Asia to aspire to. Attaining international recognition is akin to a club gaining a badge of approval that serves as testimony to its commitment to quality that meets the bar set for the best clubs in the world.

Sentosa’s drive to take local global just does not end with the staging of major tournaments. It has a very comprehensive maintenance and cultural practice which it shares with interested clubs who show a keen desire to want to upgrade their standards.

The physical condition of our two championship courses serve as hallmarks of our commitment to excellence and we are glad to share our know-how to help elevate standards in the region,” explained Andy Johnston, general manager of Sentosa.

Yet another measure of Sentosa’s quest to be counted amongst the best in the world is its food and beverage services. It is amongst one of the early adopters that placed tremendous importance on the quality of food and beverage service extended to its members and guests. “We have invested in the services of a top-notch executive chef whose sole responsibility is to provide a food and beverage service that is both matching and becoming of a prestigious hospitality institution like ours – F&B is without a doubt central to our success as an internationally recognised golf club,” Johnston added.

The 2018 Asia Pacific Golf Summit’s spotlight is being trained on Sentosa Golf Club with one specific objective in mind which is to articulate a success story of how a local golf club has gone global. The time has come for more Asian-based golf clubs to think big – to think beyond local boundaries and seek recognition amongst the best in the international community of golf clubs.

Come and listen to Andy Johnston as he shares his blue-print on the internationalisation of Sentosa Golf Club.

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