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Beacon Technology Beckons!

Posted By: Asia Pacific Golf Group at 13 August 2018 | Written By: Mike Sebastian


If you’ve not heard about “beacon technology” yet, you have now heard about it. It is the hottest new wave in mobile technology and it has arrived in Asia!

What’s the real big deal about its arrival is that some smart guys have customised “beacon technology” to carry out some really cool functions specifically for golf clubs and this is what you should be excited about!

The 2018 Asia Pacific Golf Summit (APGS 2018), always known for identifying and platforming new technologies for the golf club industry is proud to announce that “beacon technology” will be making a spectacular launch appearance in Bangkok this year.

The organisation responsible for this breakthrough is the award-winning AMATA SPRING COUNTRY CLUB which will be spearheading the introduction of “beacon technology” at its club in Bangkok.

“We are absolutely thrilled to be able to grandstand AMATA’s bold entry into this exciting world of beacon technology,” said Mike Sebastian, chief executive officer of the Asia Pacific Golf Group, the owner and producer of APGS 2018. “Over the years we have seen many game changing trends in the golf club industry but the introduction of “beacon technology” is the mother of all game changers!” he stressed.

So, you may ask – what the heck is this? Terrific question! Just imagine, this is technology that is designed to:

  • optimise customer experience,
  • engagement,
  • loyalty

The ultimate goal is to be able to talk to every member of a golf club personally. “Beacon technology” offers the unique opportunity to configure a personalized message to a member and deliver it to him via his smartphone.

So, what’s the big deal? The big deal is that the message is PERSONALISED and delivered at the precise proximity where a decision is to be taken. Put simply, visualise a member walking past your Pro Shop and he gets a personalised message informing him about a special offer on golf balls. How cool is this! This is what’s special – a targeted message pushed out to a mobile device at the precise location where a purchase decision needs to be activated.

Golf clubs are a godsend for “beacon technology” because of the nature of the audience – a known member base which provides for a perfect setting for instant personalized advertising.

 Delegates to APGS 2018 will be provided with a thorough insight to the workings of “beacon technology” by David Townend, managing director of Azalea Hospitality and general manager of AMATA SPRING COUNTRY CLUB, the man responsible for this exciting new technology to be brought to Asian golf clubs.

 Golf clubs have incredible, ready to use databases for their businesses already and mobile marketing offers fantastic opportunities to cross market, up-sell, engage, increase loyalty and so much more using mobile applications,” Townend explained. He added, “Beacons simply make this happen with so much more effect and velocity.”

The ecosystem of a golf club is incrediblefrom food and catering to lessons, pro shop, bar, spa other amenities. “Add to that retargeting, loyalty cards, VIP attribution, tournament management, food ordering, alerts and much more. We know that this is a game changer for those clubs that invest the time in managing their own mobile application with proximity technology like beacons,” Townend pointed out.

No one can afford to ignore “beacon technology”. It is estimated that the number of beacons in use will reach 400 million by 2020.

Watch “beacon technology” simply explained:


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