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What The Hell Have You Got To Lose?

Posted By: Asia Pacific Golf Group at 16 July 2018 | Written By: Mike Sebastian


It’s the sort of in-your-face question that you’d expect President Donald Trump to ask when faced with a challenge. Well, we feel that the golf industry faces a myriad of challenges but one that threatens the future of the game is the enjoyment factor experienced by golfers.

Do you know that some 90% of amateur golfers play with the wrong equipment? Least do they realise that clubs not ideally suited to one’s swing will result in an array of errant shots. The wrong shaft length or flex will cause lack of distance, hooks or slices. Playing with the wrong lie will affect trajectory resulting in pulls or pushes. You get the message!

No wonder so many golfers suffer with their game! This may sound like an overly simplistic deduction but when the enjoyment element is factored out of the game, the likelihood of just giving it up totally looms threateningly.

There’s got to be a way around this problem and there is a solution. But it is a solution that needs the total commitment of golf course owners and golf clubs to work with the equipment industry to help make the game easier to play thus resulting in golfers truly enjoying their game.

It’s really no fun when golfers purchase new equipment (which invariably is good), but instead of shooting better scores, quite often they notch up horrendous scores. The problem is not with the equipment. The problem, put simply is that the clubs don’t FIT the golfer!

The solution – CUSTOM CLUB FITTING! Now, don’t walk away from this. It is not a problem for the equipment manufacturers to resolve – it needs the collective and concerted effort of golfers, equipment manufacturers, club fitters and golf course owners to come together and offer CUSTOM FITTING SERVICES. This is a solution that impacts all – the golfer, the manufacturer and the golf course. When a golfer is FIT with equipment that’s RIGHT for him or her, the probability of playing better golf is heightened appreciably. Heck! IT MOST DEFINITELY WILL RESULT IN A BETTER GAME!

CUSTOM CLUB FITTING will take centre-stage at the 2018 Asia Pacific Golf Summit (APGS 2018) because unless all parties concerned ENGAGE with this downplayed aspect of golf, we can’t grow the game. Let it be known that CUSTOM CLUB FITTING is not JUST FOR THE PROFESSIONALS. It is for everyone who plays golf!

Given its profound importance, a team of experts will tackle this subject with from all angles and will be on a simple mission to INFORM and EDUCATE and to hopefully start an Asia-wide movement amongst golf courses to work with club-fitters to help golfers play a better game.

The experts are:

  • Eric Ng, Founder and Managing Director of BIG FISH GOLF, the man who fits champion golfers Ariya and Moriya Jutanugarn of Thailand.
  • Jeffrey Bose, Manager, Fitting & Education of WINGOLF.
  • Tony Meechai, PGA of America certified coach and Founder/President of BLACK HAT GOLF.
  • Derek Schade, General Manager of Lotus Valley Golf Club, Thailand and PGA of Canada certified coach.

Together, these experts have an intimate understanding of the game, how it is played and how golfers should be matched with the right equipment. They all share one common goal which is to get everyone playing and enjoying golf with equipment that fits!

The time has come for CUSTOM CLUB FITTING to be treated as a mainstream aspect of golf and all stake-holders have a vital role to play in transforming the 90% of golfers from despondent hackers to happy golfers.

It’s really that simple. We all just need to ENGAGE and have an open mindset for the general good of golf. Come listen to these experts as they show you how Asia can take the lead to grow the game of golf the RIGHT WAY – THE CUSTOM CLUB FITTING WAY!

Watch a video on club fitting :

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