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Golf Communities – Raising The Bar!

Posted By: Asia Pacific Golf Group at 2 July 2018 | Written By: Mike Sebastian


Virtually every golf course developer who embarks on a golf course project in Asia has his eyes set on building a golf course with a thriving golf community on it. It is normally predicated by the desire to build property for sale, normally expensively priced property.

There is nothing wrong with building high-priced villas, bungalows and condominiums on golf courses, but whether these physical structures on their own will constitute a successful golf community presents the big challenge.

Many parts of Asia are pockmarked with golf communities that have become ghost towns purely because the developer built a golf course and populated it with grand homes sans a plan to create a socially vibrant community. It’s a crying shame that scant attention was paid to injecting these facilities with the life, soul and spirit of a community.

That said, the 2018 Asia Pacific Golf Summit will be showcasing an example of how a vibrant community can be built around a world-class golf course. The country is India; the golf course is the award-winning DLF Golf Club in Gurgaon and its community is made up of a socially active and vibrant group of people who live, work and play by the golf course.

For those of you who are not familiar with the name DLF, here’s a quick primer on what the three letters represents. It is the largest commercial and real estate developer on the sub-Continent and it’s widely regarded as the multi-billon dollar conglomerate responsible for “Building India”.

Almost a decade ago Arnold Palmer was asked by DLF’s chairman, K. P. Singh what he envisioned for a course, and his reply was: “Give me a course that will be better than the best in world!” This set the tone for the template for Palmer’s first signature course in India and the commencement of DLF’s foray into the realm of world class golf courses and golf communities.

Whichever way one looks at the DLF Golf Course, it is a masterpiece. “This is precisely what we wanted in the first place and this is what we got – a golf course that is absolutely spectacular and a one-of-a-kind,” exclaimed Aakash Ohri, Executive Director of the DLF Home Developers organisation.

“I believe that we have been very successful in creating a world class golf course that fits in with the natural environment and landscape like a glove,” Ohri explained. This has served as an excellent backdrop for DLF’s residential developments around the course. The club’s landscape is surrounded by plush sky-scraper condominiums and these exclusive apartment buildings form a majestic backdrop for the golf club.

“It was always our intention to create a highly unique environment for golf living and we believe that we have achieved that objective,” Ohri pointed out. He went on to add, “Our aim is to provide a well-managed, sustainable and ideal setting for our residents to live in, work and play.”

The latest in DLF’s life-style projects is its new development phase called “The Camellias”. Plush and exclusive apartments priced at US$5 million each. Through this and its other completed projects, DLF has demonstrated that property and golf, planned and managed well can become an extremely viable commercial undertaking.

DLF is a classic example in Asia where a throbbing, thriving and sustainable community has been built around a fabulous golf course. Come and share in the experience of how this incredible project was brought to life and see how it is continue to grow and prosper.

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