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APGS 2017 Delivering The Big Touch!

Posted By: Asia Pacific Golf Group at 25 July 2017 | Written By: Mike Sebastian

Today’s world is a changed place and the golf club industry is placed smack in the midst of this ever-evolving cycle. What worked for the club industry yesterday is passé by today’s standard. Today’s generation wants FUN and golf needs to be able to produce more of it!

The call is out to transform golf into a fun experience which makes people coming back for more. But, is also important to make it fun for non-golfers interested in the game. Today, golf facilities will have to focus on delivering a fun experience instead of only golf.

There is a need to shun the perception amongst non-golfers that golf is a game that lacks the fun factor. The club industry needs to dump words like boring, slow and expensive which have become notoriously linked to the game? There is no denying that the club industry has reached a crossroads. There is an urgent need to decide whether as an industry we keep the game as it is, or change?

This vital life-blood issue of the golf club industry will be a central topic at the 2017 Asia Pacific Golf Summit (APGS 2017). It will be explored by two experts who collectively have extensive experience on how to keep the industry revitalized and relevant and to have golfers, both old and new returning to the game.

The first expert is Steven Freund, executive director of the prestigious The Landings Club in Savannah, Georgia. At The Landings Club, he leads a team of 450 staff that cares for over 2975 membership high-end households, 6 championship golf courses, 33 tennis courts, 5 swimming pools, 2 marinas and a 48,000 square foot wellness centre. Quite a community to look after but never does a day go by where service excellence is forgotten and where the experience of FUN is always promoted amongst members.

“We live by the high levels of service that we deliver and this is a standard that all of our members expect from us each and every day – the quest for service excellence is a very rewarding experience and none of us at The Landings Club would want it any other way,” is how Freund looks at service excellence.

He knows exactly how to deliver the “experience” that members and golfers desire today. Freund has a rich background in service excellence that comes from more than 40-years spanning hotels, resorts, restaurants and now, private clubs. He spent 20 years as an executive with The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, serving as general manager at several locations, served in senior leadership capacities in six AAA Five Diamond properties and two Mobil (now Forbes) Five Star hotels.

The other expert is Gregg Patterson, president of The Tribal Magic the consummate expert on clubs and how they should be managed to keep the facility buzzing. Gregg is all about “delivering the BIG TOUCH”. “I want a happy place where I bump into interesting people and engage in interesting conversations. I want a life that is well lived and is filled with unplanned “BUMP Moments”. Great clubs know BUMP, appreciate the power of BUMP, preach BUMP continuously, create BUMP opportunities and deliver BUMP every day!”

There you have it! Gregg knows how to deliver “The Bump” – a whole level of experience that clubs need to engage with so that clubs can be places that are “filled with people who look you in the eye, say “hi” and enthusiastically engage in interesting conversation and partake in fun activities and good golf!  And because great conversation makes life richer and deeper, Big Bump is a Big Deal.”

There is absolutely no one more effective and dynamic, perhaps the word is spell-binding than Gregg to anchor APGS 2017. We invite you to jump on board Gregg’s journey to Danang and experience the excitement and exuberance that he is already preparing to generate for APGS 2017.

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