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APGS 2017 – Renovation and Reinvention of a Golf Club

Posted By: Asia Pacific Golf Group at 18 July 2017 | Written By: Mike Sebastian

The golf club industry in Asia is very aware of what renovation is all about especially when one considers that amongst the hundreds of clubs in Southeast Asia, many are way past thirty years old and in need of a make-over.
Given this situation, it is only natural that these clubs should embark on some soul-searching and start asking when is it time to get cracking with renovation. It’s not just about renovation alone. It is also about the re-invention of clubs because over the years, the whole club experience has changed radically.
With renovation and reinvention as the backdrop, the 2017 Asia Pacific Golf Summit (APGS 2017) will do a serious drill down on this issue. As it is a very important matter for the future of the golf club industry, the organisers have reached out to some of the most respected names in the business to assemble a high-powered team to address the topic.
Leading the panel will be Paul Stringer, President of Nicklaus Companies, Asia Pacific, a seasoned expert on the industry in Asia.
On the panel will be Rich Centolella, principal of EDSA a globally renowned name in creating sustainable places to live, work, learn and play. As stewards of the land and the built environment, EDSA has for the past 50 years worked at improving the way the world looks.
The other panelist is Jeff Fossum, principal at Z Design Group, a major American architectural firm specializing in golf club and resort design including clubhouses, golf academies, hotels etc.
This panel session is an event not to be missed by golf course owners, developers, operators and club managers. The session will cover a wide spectrum of topics including the following:
  • How to determine when it is time to renovate?
  • What to renovate, (golf course, clubhouse, amenities)?
  • How to determine costs of the renovation?
  • How is the club or owner to fund the renovation?
  • What resources or personnel are needed, (ie: external consultants and internal staff).
  • What will the benefit be to the club in the short term/long term?
Renovations are a reality for every golf course at some point. The fact that golf courses involve living and growing components as well as things that simply wear out over time means that every course will need to plan for this eventuality.
Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be part of a very topical discussion impacting the golf club industry in Asia. The panel is made up of world-class experts who will collectively bring to the table a whole new perspective of breathing new life into your golf club.
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