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Golf’s New Directions – The Way Forward

Posted By: Asia Pacific Golf Group at 5 July 2017 | Written By: Mike Sebastian

The past few years has witnessed major changes and paradigm shifts in the golf industry.

What used to be the number one power-player in golf equipment, TaylorMade, has been sold and is no longer the king of the hill. Nike Golf (golf equipment) has fallen by the wayside and for an industry behemoth to call it quits, points to something that needs some close examination. Scores of other smaller golf businesses have gone belly-up, and all this while golf clubs continue their struggle to stay in the black against a backdrop of various challenges.

However, from all of this gloom and doom, there have emerged new signs of hope for golf. New companies have sprung up to give golf a whole NEW DIRECTION. Companies that think and act totally out-of-the-box. They have a new take and a new vision to open up the game to a whole new universe of potential golfers which is something that the industry needs very urgently.

Some of these exciting, revolutionary and innovative organisations and their leaders will be at the 2017 Asia Pacific Golf Summit, scheduled to be held in Danang, Vietnam on November 14-16.

 The keynote address will be delivered by Mr. Bob Parsons, founder and chairman of Parsons Xtreme Golf (PXG). This multi-billionaire entrepreneur entered the golf equipment industry when it was going through its toughest phase and has literally turned the entire industry on its head. With his innovative thinking and entrepreneurial derring-do, he has opened up a market for top-end quality products with prices to match. This in itself is proof of how one man busted through the malaise that the industry was mired in to create a whole new pathway and vitality for golf!

Like PXG, Topgolf is another organisation that has set the entire golf industry on fire. Topgolf’s bold thinking is singularly designed to reinvent golf and to draw flocks of people to the game. Topgolf’s goal is to help create unforgettable experiences with friends and family. Each of its venues features fun and competitive golf games for all ages, climate-controlled playing “bays” similar to a bowling lane, an impressive food and drink menu, private spaces for groups of any size, HDTVs to watch the big game and a music selection that will make every visit feel like a party. It is perhaps the fastest growing phenomenon in golf with hundreds of thousands being attracted to its exciting format. How Topgolf is revolutionising and drawing new fans to the game of golf will be narrated by Topgolf International’s chief operating officer, Zach Shor.

APGS 2017 will be an exciting platform that will showcase new and exciting trends to help revolutionise and grow the golf club industry. It has assembled an impressive list of experts to discuss a range of topics from new-age service experiences, new age marketing techniques – everything designed to help the golf club industry in Asia grow, expand and get better. In the weeks building up to APGS 2017, we will unravel what you can expect to hear and experience from these world-class speakers.

If there is one conference on the business of golf that you must attend this year, make it APGS 2017. Not only is it the best knowledge event around but it will also be a terrific networking opportunity for everyone engaged in the golf club industry.

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APGS 2017 – Now In Its 11th Year – The Most Successful Golf Summit In The Asia Pacific!


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