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The 101 On Super Turfs For Golf Courses

Posted By: Asia Pacific Golf Group at 8 June 2017 | Written By: Mike Sebastian

The 101 On Super Turfs For Golf Courses

When it was decided that golf was to return to the Olympics, the International Golf Federation (IGF) turned to the very best in the industry to build a golf course befitting of golf’s return to the Games after more than a century.

One of the leaders specially selected was David Doguet, President of Bladerunner Farms, arguably amongst the largest turf farms in the world. The IGF selected Bladerunner Farms because the grasses developed by Bladerunner Farms are some of the most advanced, environmentally friendly, drought tolerant grasses available on the market today for use on golf courses and sports fields.

For the past 30 years, Doguet, has made it his mission to find and develop sustainable, low maintenance grass varieties and bring them to the consumer.

And now, the man who made the Rio golf course become a reality will be coming to speak at the 2017 Asia Pacific Golf Summit scheduled to be held in Danang, Vietnam on November 14 -16, 2017.

There’s no man more passionate than Doguet about the best turf for golf courses. “Yes, you can have a beautiful golf course without all of the water, fertilizer, mowing or chemicals commonly used on other grasses. That’s been the Bladerunner Farms goal for three decades. We’re happy to report that the grasses we offer you today meet or exceed the criteria of sustainability. You can you have a beautiful golf course that you can water less often, use less fertilizer and that requires less maintenance!”

Doesn’t it sound like a godsent. Well, you can now come and listen to David Doguet in person as he shows you how the various cost savings that can be had by using the turf that the Olympic course in Rio selected.

All golf course owners, operators, general managers and golf course superintendents must make a date to come and meet David Doguet in person and see for yourselves how you can operate a better and more cost effectively run golf course.

Video: For a sense of the sprawling Bladerunner Farms in Texas, watch this video:

Make a date with APGS 2017 – come and listen to some of the industry’s best brains in the business.


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